Operation Animal Rescue shared Poochie’s story on social media. They have received an adoption request from Brian’s family and know they are the perfect family for Pucci.

Poochie loved life in her new home. He had a warm bed to sleep in, lots of affection from his new human family, and areas he could safely explore. For a few weeks, Poochie lived the life he always deserved.

Unfortunately, Poochie passed away two weeks after his adoption. Caroline took to Instagram to share the sad news with her followers. I wrote that dogs would live longer than all of us if the kindest souls lived longer.

Poochie died in his sleep on a warm, comfortable bed. He knew love in his last days on this planet. So we can all be grateful.

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Sweet Poochie is buried on the farm along with other pets the Bryan family had lost over the years.

Luke and Caroline Bryan are used to losing. They lost their niece, Sadie Brett, in 2017 to a congenital heart defect. She was only 7 months old.

The shelter also paid tribute to Poochie on its Facebook page:

Poochie enjoyed his time with the Bryan family. He even felt comfortable enough to walk around their pasture and find a dog. He sadly passed away a few days ago, but he was so cuddly and died in his sleep on a big comfy bed. . He is now buried on Bryan’s farm among other beloved pets.”

During Sadie Britt’s lifetime, Caroline promised to buy her a white horse. This promise is what inspired Caroline and Locke to open a conservation farm. They named the sanctuary Britt Barn, in honor of Sadie Britt.

There are thousands of big dogs waiting to find a forever home. Check out our list of no-kill shelters if you’re interested in adoption. Tag your friends and help us honor the life of the poochie dog.

Luke Bryan (2017), (Matt Winkelmeyer/ACMA2017/Getty Images for ACM)

What do you think of Brian’s family receiving sweet bouchi in his final days? Let us know in the comments and pass this on to all the animal lovers you know to spread the word about the friendliness of the Brian family.

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