This incident happened with the father of a dog named Rudi Salazar when his wife Coco asked him to take their beloved puppy puppy to the groomer. The guy managed to make the most obvious mistake. He went to look for BooBear, but returned home with a strange dog.CoCo notices something quite strange.

When he arrived at the groomers to pick BooBear, he said “I’m helping my wife CoCo.” For this reason, they gave him a different little white dog, also named CoCo. And somehow Rudy failed to notice the mix-up.

“When he came home with the wrong dog he came up to me and said “Something is wrong with BooBear… he just keeps staring at me and seems out of it,” Coco said. “My 10 year old grandson said “That’s not BooBear… this dog has teeth and BooBear has no teeth (or very few teeth).”

Fortunately, after Ruddy realized what had happened, he picked up the wrong dog on the spot. The dogs have been swapped and BooBear is back in his place soon. When asked if the dog Coco made it home safe and sound, the human CoCo replied, “Yes, sure … ha ha ha.

I don’t even think the owner of the other dog knew. that something was going on. “

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