A Man Hacks Into The Wireless Baby Monitor. The Result? Strange!

I was really scared when I saw this video. The video is about a couple that lives in Ohio. They are faced with a repeated hacking that appears to be done by a single individual. The person we see in the clip has been hacking into the baby wireless monitor for some time. The clip shows how the man screams at the baby “wake up baby.” I wonder why this man has to disturb such a young baby. This is quite unfair and unacceptable.

No one knows clearly what the motive of this man would be. I keep on wondering what this man wanted in the middle of the night. Some individuals have it in their mind that this guy could be a thief since he goes round the room as if he is searching for something to steal. Eventually he sees nothing and he decides to scream at the young baby.

It’s time that individuals learn to link their devices to the internet using strong passwords. It is also known that such hack as a result of the cameras found online. The hackers normally use the default account for the admin that does not have a password.

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