Man Sees Baby Crawling On Busy Highway And Cannot Believe His Eyes!

Bryant Collins was driving down a busy highway on the way to help a customer with a vehicle tow when he saw something moving on the side of the road that caught his eye. He could not believe what he was seeing when he saw a baby crawling down the road! This video features the news story of the event and it is quite shocking. Thankfully, this man stepped in to rescue the little girl so she was not seriously harmed.


Bryant says he cannot believe the little girl was not hit by a car. Thankfully, traffic that day was abnormally light so he was able to stop his truck and grab the little girl. Her parents are being sought for questioning and child neglect. The poor baby fell down an embankment before landing on the side of the road. What a harrowing experience for this sweet baby and her rescuer! Check out the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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