Man Thrills the Female Judges With His Performance of “Let’s Get It On”

When this man steps to the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, it is clear the female audience members and judges are thrilled to see him perform. Maybe they do not even care if he can sing but they are happy when they find out he can! Singing, “Let’s Get It On”, this man shocks the judges and has more than a few people blushing. This Marvin Gaye hit is one that will always be remembered by fans all over the world but this man makes the song his very own in this video.

There are very rarely any truly risque auditions on the show but this man clearly is on a mission to bring a shock factor to his performance. While he certainly may not be the most talented to ever grace the stage, he truly gained their attention from the moment he stepped on the stage and held it to the final moments of this video. Please SHARE on Facebook so all can enjoy!