A mother of five adopted her neighbor’s three children after her death from cancer. Now they had to cram 10 family members into a house that was already overcrowded. But one day, when they came home, they had the shock of a lifetime and everyone was crying…

Audrey and Tisha were typical neighbors. They knew each other but in a friendly and affectionate way. Audrey was a single mother of three, while Tisha lived with her husband, Kevin Buchmin, and their five children.

Audrey and Tisha’s children were about the same age, and their daughters often played together, including occasionally sleeping.

Audrey was diagnosed with stage 2 esophageal cancer. But her condition soon turned dismal. Stage II cancer has turned into stage IV and has spread to the liver and kidneys. Over time, Tisha asked if she would become the legal guardian of her three children after her death.

Tisha, who grew up in an orphanage, did not allow Audrey’s three children to go through what she went through. So, without hesitation, she responded to her neighbor’s request. Audrey died just two weeks after returning from the hospital.

Two families merged into one. Tisha and Kevin, with eight children in total, became a family of 10. Originally their family was able to sneak into their home, but now, with three other people, it was more than just a greenhouse.

Just before Christmas, the Fox 5 Surprise Squad in Las Vegas, alerted by a worried neighbor, decides to step in to help Beauchmin. They offered to build this wall for free, and Tisha was left crying. But what they really did is shock the family for a lifetime!

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