Mechanic Becomes a Hero and Performs CPR to Save a Baby Who Stopped Breathing

When the mechanic in this video was working at his shop, it was like every day on the job. Suddenly, he heard his phone make an unfamiliar sound and he checked to see an alert that CPR was needed a block away. Through a special phone App, this man was alerted to the emergency of a little baby boy who had stopped breathing. Thankfully, the mechanic stopped everything he was doing and ran like a madman to the baby, beginning CPR.


This little baby has a rare kidney disease that caused him to stop breathing on that awful day. Thankfully, the mechanic was available to perform CPR and ended up saving the little one’s life. This video shows how truly important it is for people to learn how to perform this life-saving measure. Thankfully, this little boy is doing well, as things could have ended much worse! To honor this mechanic hero, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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