A Newborn Baby Girl is Found Abandoned in a Public Toilet in China

Newborns are abandoned by their parents all over the world, and it often makes for a harrowing story. Being abandoned in a public toilet that countless other people use is a particularly frightening way of being brought into the world. In this video, a newborn girl was left in a public toilet, and she may have died there if the neighbors hadn’t heard her screams.

The video introduces this scenario, and then it begins to give more context for the event. China is full of overwhelmed parents who can’t take care of their children, and there are places for parents to leave their unwanted children legally. However, these places are too over-stressed to serve as options for everyone in this situation. The scenario in the video is all the more horrifying when viewers realize that this sort of thing is depressingly common. This is an important video for people on Facebook to watch.