Now You Can Color Your Hair With Kool-Aid

This video is a tutorial on how to color or dye your hair using Kool-Aid, a favorite drink of most American kids. For this clip, the tutor will show you how she colored her hair blue using the flavored mix drink Kool-Aid. She used 3 packets of “Mixed Berry” flavor Kool-Aid, hot water and a white conditioner. First, she poured the mix into a bowl, add a little amount of hot water and mixed it until the Kool-Aid is dissolved. Next, she poured a small amount of conditioner into another bowl. Then she added the Kool-Aid mixture and stirred it together. She added more conditioner (as needed) until the mixture was blended well (not watery).


Once the mixture is ready, she then applied it on her hair and left it on for an hour before washing it with plain water. The result of using Kool-Aid in dying her hair was really good. As you will see in the video, her hair went from blonde to a nice shade of blue. You can color your hair red as well or any color you want by using different flavor. The amount of Kool-Aid that you will use will depend on the thickness of your hair and its natural color. Please remember to SHARE this awesome video on Facebook to let others know about this new way of hair coloring.


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