Owner Records First Meeting Between Dog and Wild Bunny, Watches Footage Closely and Can’t Stop Laughing

Dogs are friendly and loving. When one Labrador pup meets a bunny, the owner could not help but laugh out loud.

The gorgeous Labrador spotted a tiny bunny in front of herm, and her interest was aroused.

Meg was playing on the grass and saw something moving towards her direction. Meg became curious. It was a wild bunny who was later adopted by Meg’s owner and named Little John Stamos.

The bunny was left by his mother when she spotted the ravens in the sky. Sadly, the little bunny could not keep up with her mother’s pace. Meg and her owner were able to rescue the little creature from the ravaging birds.

It appears Meg has a new friend. However, there is something hilarious about their encounter.

Watch the video below and see what unfolded. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Did you find it funny? Have you ever watched something similar before? Kindly let us know!