For most pet owners, keeping their pets safe is easy. After all, who would want to harm an animal? Unfortunately, there are people who can do just that. Imagine this scenario – someone tries to steal your dog from your own backyard.

Will you do what you can to prevent this from happening? A man in Port Elizabeth faced this scenario once. Luckily, her quick-wittedness and love for her pet stopped the thieves in their tracks.

The video you are about to see proves that you should always keep an eye on your dogs even when they are surrounded by a high fence. In fact, the would-be thief in this video climbs over the fence and tries to lure the pit bull there. The dog, who was at first happy to see the man, began to struggle as the man tried to pull him by the collar.

Luckily the owner was there to stop the thief from continuing. He pushes the thief away from the fence and speaks rudely to him. The dog descends into the yard unscathed.

The owner told News 24 that the man in the video had tried to steal his dog once before. He told police the dog was his, but fled when asked to prove he owned it.

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