Pam Porteous Tells Of The Importance Of The Animal Care Network For Pets Everywhere

Pam Porteous – a manager at the Animal Care Network – tells us her heart-wrenching story of a dog she once tried to rescue. We think of rescued dogs as strays, but as the Pam reminds us in the video, things can sometimes be much worse. After working 40 hours for the week, volunteers continue to put in hours on the weekend over at the Animal Care Network to help make a difference in the lives of not only dogs, but animals everywhere.

She tells the tiring and the frustration behind saving animals for a living, as well the strong emotions caused by having hurt animals walk into her life, just to simply walk out again as her job is finished. It is certainly no job for the faint of heart.


Pam’s friends at the Michigan Animal Adoption Network ( are holding a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for the funeral:

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