It is a parent’s worst nightmare to find out that their child’s school has decided to shame them in front of their peers for reasons beyond their control. Unfortunately, this is what happened to Nicole Garloff and her 6-year-old son, Hunter Cmelo.

Nicole tried her best to get Hunter to Lincoln Elementary School, but due to a combination of her being sick and her car breaking down, they were a few minutes late. When Hunter arrived at school, he was scared and crying, knowing that he would face detention.

Feeling sad about the situation, Nicole decided to come back to the school at lunchtime to check on her son and lift his spirits. However, when she arrived at the school’s cafeteria, she was shocked by what she saw. Hunter was isolated from the other students as punishment and was put through what many would consider a public humiliation.

Hunter sat alone, separated by a white partition, with a cup labeled “D” in front of him for detention, while tears streamed down his face. It was clear that the punishment was too severe, especially considering that Hunter was rarely ever late to school and hadn’t missed any assignments that day.

Nicole was outraged by the school’s treatment of her son and decided to take a picture of him in his “cubicle of shame.” She shared the photo on Facebook, where it quickly gained attention and sparked a fire within the local community.

Hunter’s grandmother shared the post, which generated over 75,000 shares. People were outraged that a school would treat a child in such a manner, and many reached out to the principal to express their disapproval.

No child should ever be publicly humiliated in front of their peers for reasons beyond their control. Hunter’s situation is a reminder that schools need to approach discipline with sensitivity and compassion, particularly when dealing with young children. The trauma of such an experience can be long-lasting, and it is the responsibility of educators to ensure that all students feel safe and respected at all times.

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