Nobody wants to live in a place filled with bad vibes. Some of the adverse effects of negative energies include disease and mood swings. Everything in your home will smell better if you mix some water with salt and vinegar.

Everything has some energy in it. It chooses the route that has the least amount of resistance. As a result, energy travels in the direction of your concentration. The energy comes from the emotions we attach to our ideas.

Feeling “bad” or “good” depends on how your energy levels fluctuate. Even if you don’t pay much attention to your energy, you’ve probably experienced a feeling of “bad energy” at some point in your life.

You get a spooky or unsettling sense whenever you’re with some people, right? There are also some things, people, or places that make you feel good about yourself. Everything in this universe, including you, is fundamentally a giant ball of energy vibrating at various frequencies, which determines what you see or experience.

This approach has been shown to be useful in a wide range of scenarios. Salt, a little vinegar, and water are all you need. For the entire day and night, leave it untouched. After some time, observe the salt and its behavior to see whether the level increased or if the water rose excessively.


  • water (1 glass)
  • white vinegar
  • Salt in a granular form


Fill the glass halfway with water, and then add vinegar and salt. Put the glass in the room where you spend most of your time. Make sure it is hidden. Leave it in position for 24 hours – the entire night and day. Observe the salt and his actions to see whether the water overflew after a while. After a day, remove the glass and thoroughly rinse it under running water. Repeat the method as many times as necessary until the salt stops rising if you are still experiencing the bad energy.

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