A Police Officer Helps Perform an Emergency Child Delivery During a Difficult Labor

Many people forget that police officers have to be trained to delivery children during emergencies, and that this is part of their emergency training in general. The police officer in this video manages to do so successfully. The baby was delivered safely and was completely healthy when the delivery was complete.

Both parents expressed their clear gratitude to the officer, who was able to get them through a truly terrifying situation. Some mothers in this situation have had to more or less perform their own labors, or they have had to only rely on the people who had no medical training whatsoever.


This video does not show any of the graphic details. However, people will get to see the parents, the police officer, and the baby. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it shows a side of the police that people will actually want to see and helps remind cops of what they should be doing.


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