Protection For Protective Pit Bull Dogs

Pit bulls have always been controversial dogs. Many people have claimed that pit bulls are more violent than other dogs, regardless of how they were raised. There are many areas that have banned pit bulls. However, this video is all about one area, specifically Hazel Park, lifting its ban on pit bulls.

The video describes the event that helped raise this discussion in the first place. A woman who was being domestically abused was saved by her pit bull. Like many domestic abuse victims, she needed to leave, but moving would have forced her to leave her heroic pit bull behind, given the bans surrounding pit bulls. Overwhelming public support for lifting the local ban on pit bulls made all the difference. Her story helps demonstrate that the situation involving supposedly dangerous dogs is much more complicated than many people would like to think. It also helps illuminate the fact that people often have more to fear from each other than their dogs. This is a video that would be very popular on Facebook.