Puppy thrown in The Middle of a Busy Highway, Asking for Help and Freezing with Fear


Leaving a dog when people are a little rude doesn’t seem frustrating enough, and some people just want to do it in the most cruel and heartless way that is just scary.

Ovidiu Rosu is a veterinarian and animal lover from Bucharest, Romania. In her recent return from work, Rose saw something that changed her forever. Just as he was driving home the other day, he saw a helpless puppy hiding in an alley on one of Bucharest’s fastest highways.

When Rose stopped the car on the side of the road, she heard a puppy in the middle of the road screaming for help. They were driven by cars on the side of the road. It was only a matter of time before the weak man was killed, when he knew that he had helped.

The man thought about her movements, ran to the poor puppy and tried not to get stuck in traffic. When Rose approached in a state of shock, she froze in fear. Her previous experience taught her not to trust her, and despite numerous attempts, Rose refused to move the dog.

Rosu’s time to win over the dog’s trust was running out, so in a swift move, the man grabbed the doggo and ran back to his car. The pooch may have not realized it then, but her life was saved from certain death.

Rosu brought the dog home with him, bathed, fed and cared for her. The selfless man is now taking care of the dog, which he named Berta, until she finds the loving home that deserves her.

Source: goanimals