This Rainbow Drip Christmas Cake Is Perfect for Any Holiday Celebration

In this fun video tutorial, you will learn how to make a unique cake that is perfect for almost any occasion but especially fits for Christmas and other winter holidays. Although this cake is a showstopper, it is fairly easy to make as long as you have the right supplies. All you will need is several colors of royal icing, plain vanilla buttercream icing, and colored vanilla cake batter. You will also need some rock candy and various types, colors, and sizes of candy canes for decorating the top.


This video shows you how truly easy it is to create this rainbow drip cake masterpiece. Although slightly time-consuming, the process is not difficult and even the kids can get involved in helping. When you present this beautiful cake to your guests, they will be amazed at your skill! Little will they know, this cake is so easy to make. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can learn how to make this decadent treat!

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