After an incredible performance, Reba clearly has a knack for finding talent. Ms McIntyre joined Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel as a guest judge on an episode of America’s Got Talent. Ripa didn’t hesitate to strike the golden bell for an act she felt was worth it. It was actually one of the first auditions of the night.

Ripa sat down with her fellow judges as several acts walked across the stage. The singer who played a bodybuilder gave an interesting performance. The rap star wowed the audience and the judges with his unexpected talent. Although Ripa appreciated all of this work, she found none worthy of the Golden Bell.

Everything changed when Sofia Dossi approached the stage.

Sofia Dossi took the stage and impressed the judges mainly with her presence. Even though Dossie is only 14 years old, she was very comfortable on stage answering questions from the judges.

She wore a sparkly outfit and definitely stood out from the rest of the company before she even started performing. After asking some basic questions, the judges asked Dossey to start.

Ripa and the other judges were blown away when the young lady did an impressive job. Half the audience was torn between looking away and mesmerizing. Dossie’s unique talent was impressive, but he was also hard to watch. Anyone else doing the same will definitely break a bone.

There was a moment in the performance where Dossie hung herself from the ring with only her neck. It occupies this position by rotating in the air. This performance was achieved entirely without a safety net of any kind.

Dossie continues to perform amazing stunts and stunts on this episode. The judges and audience were totally amazed by the performance.

At the end of the performance, each judge took turns praising the performer. “Actions speak louder than words,” Ripa said as she rang the golden bell. Ripa took the stage to congratulate the young Dossi for her wonderful performance.

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