These Rescued Dogs Were Living in Deplorable Conditions in a Meat Market in Korea

When the Humane Society learned about a Korean dog meat market being operated, they worked to step in as quickly as possible to save the lives of the innocent dogs. There were over 50 dogs in this market and they were all living in tiny cages with very little food and water being given. While watching this video, your heart will break for these innocent creatures who are so loving and trusting.


As each of these beautiful dogs is rescued, your heart will swell with emotion. Unfortunately, these dogs go through so much abuse in their short lives. They not only live in filthy conditions but are then brutally butchered for their meat in the dog meat trade. The Humane Society is doing all it can to stop this brutal practice. Please join with them by watching this video and telling others. Make sure you Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can be informed and help!

The Humane Society of the United States

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