Sacramento SPCA staff showed up with a surprise on their doorstep one morning: a bull mom and puppies with no owner in sight. Thanks to my mother, they have all survived until now. But so much has to come together for this sweet family …

Thrown at the door of the Sacramento SPCA was a pit bull and 10 of his newborns.

All signs indicate that they were ejaculated within moments of birth. The family was abandoned without food or water.

The mother was not chained and could roam without her dogs, but she did not. Her maternal instincts kept her on their side.

The shelter was happy to have them but nervous about the fostering situation as the pups could not yet be separated from their mother.

After everything this mama had been through, she had the sweetest demeanor and allowed her puppies to be handled.

The dogs’ families will stay in their foster home for a few months until they are adopted.

In the meantime, the custodian will continue to take care of them and post photos on its social media accounts.

I will never understand how someone can throw away their mother and newborn babies. But thanks to mom, the Sacramento SPCA, and their foster dad, they’ll be safe for the rest of their lives.

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