The dramatic confrontation took place in Estero, Florida in November 2020. Richard Wilbanks, 74, was walking his three-month-old puppy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Gunner, in his backyard pond when the accident took place. is produced. A crocodile apparently appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Gunner with its mouth and quickly pulled him into the water.

Without wasting a moment, Wilbanks jumped straight into the water and grabbed the alligator by the jaw, which still carried Gunner inside.

Wilbanks carried the crocodile to the edge of the pond while constantly struggling with his jaw, and managed to open it just enough for Gunner to jump onto the grass.

He further explained that catching the crocodile was not that difficult, but opening its jaws was “extremely difficult”, leaving its hands “chewed” after the whole ordeal. After that, he went to get the tetanus shot from the doctor just for his own safety. Meanwhile, Gunner survived a stomach bite but was doing well after visiting the vet.

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