Richard Gere is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, known for his captivating performances in romantic comedies. However, his acting skills are not limited to just one genre, as he has proven time and time again.

In an interview with the Independent in 2017, Gere stated that his career has been anything but calculated, stating that he has always done what he wanted and never engineered a career plan.

He is amazed by the incredible list of talented directors, actors, and writers he has had the opportunity to work with, and that he has been able to maintain a successful career for so long.

Alejandra Silva, Richard Gere (2017), (Stephane Cardinale-Corbis/Corbis/Getty Images)

Another unexpected event in Gere’s life was falling in love with his wife, Alejandra Silva. The couple first met when Silva was a teenager, and Gere borrowed a boat from her father, the former Vice President of the Real Madrid Football Club. They did not cross paths again until 2014, when they both stayed at the same hotel owned by Silva’s family. A friend reintroduced them to each other, and they felt an immediate connection. They have been together ever since, and according to Silva, “We couldn’t stop looking at each other all night, and since then we haven’t been apart.”

After their courtship, Silva converted to Buddhism, and the two got married on Gere’s ranch just outside of New York City. Their relationship has been nothing short of romantic, with every step they have taken together feeling like it was taken straight out of a novel. Gere proposed to Silva on her birthday at a hotel in St. Paul de Vence, a location that Silva considers to be the most romantic hotel she has ever been to.

Richard Gere, Alejandra Silva (2016), (Claude Medale/Corbis/Getty Images)

Though Silva has often spoken about their relationship more often than Gere, the latter has plenty to say about his wife. In the same interview, Gere calls himself the happiest man in the universe, praising Silva for her beauty, intelligence, commitment to helping others, fun-loving nature, patience, ability to forgive, and cooking skills.

Silva also commented on the couple’s large age difference, with her being 39 and Gere being 73. She stated that their desire to help others, commitment to Buddhism, and the Tibetan people have united them the most.

The couple welcomed their first child together in February 2019, a son named Alexander. Gere is also a dedicated father to his other children, putting their needs above everything else. He attributes this to the way his own parents raised him and even named his son Homer after his father.

Richard Gere, Alejandra Silva (2016), (Claude Medale/Corbis/Getty Images)

Gere stated that his father has always been there for him, providing a smile or an embrace whenever he needed it, and that is something he wants to pass on to his own children.

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