With an air of grace and finesse, Luna begins her mesmerizing performance, waving her hands with effortless elegance before executing a flawless handstand to mount her skates. The crowd’s attention remains fixated on her as she glides backward, her half-lidded eyes reflecting intense concentration.

Luna’s supreme coordination is on full display as she executes her first backward leap, evoking cheers from the enthralled audience. Her straw-blond hair, tied tightly in a ponytail, whirls along with her movements, capturing the crowd’s gaze as she works her magic on the roller rink. She continues her backward leaps with precision, gracefully returning to the center of the arena.

With an enchanting twirl, Luna’s left skate gracefully rises into the air, defying gravity. Her body turns horizontally, supported by only the rear two wheels of her right skate. The crowd erupts in applause as she effortlessly completes eleven rotations in what seems like clockwork in overdrive, dismounting the pose with poise and grace

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