The Sad Tale of a Husband who Dies only Minutes After Getting Married

In this video we hear of a sad story that took place when a couple decided to get married.

The couple met and quickly became close friends that would spend all their time together. In the end it was clear that they had a desire to get married and spend the rest of their life together.


However, the story has a sad ending which we get to hear about.

The man in the relationship had cancer when he was in high school and he managed to battle it and eradicate it. Sadly, the cancer returned and began to develop into a problem that could not be resolved.

In this clip we hear of the story that led up to the marriage and also of the sad consequence that took place only several minutes after the marriage when the husband sadly passed away. We thought that the story of such a brave couple deserved to be told and wanted to share it with friend and family.

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