Saving Your Laundry, One Hack At A Time

Who does the laundry at your house? You? Your significant other? Your mom? No matter who is responsible for making your clothes clean as clean as possible, Buzzfeed has a few ways to make their job a bit easier. Buzzfeed is an American news outlet whose YouTube channel generally makes hilarious viral videos.


But here, in this video, Buzzfeed takes a bit of a detour. In less than two minutes, you are given about ten tips that could potentially save your hundreds, if not more, per year. First, you are taught an intuitive way to save the colors of your jeans with common table salt (which apparently helps set the colors in the fabric and slows down the fading process. And did you know, freezing your jeans can have the same effect?! This will also help eliminate odors (well, according to Levi’s).
These hacks, and a few more, await you as soon as you press play!
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