Sawyer Fredericks Is A Man In Constant Talent Not Sorrow!

The video of Sawyer Fredericks performing in the Blind Auditions for The Voice is totally awesome. He is definitely a very strong voice in his own right and this displays itself in the tune that he is belting out for the judges on this awesome talent and spot on show on NBC. Sawyer Fredericks is a man in constant talent not sorrow. He is young, yes, like 16. However, his voice is captivating, entertaining, and has a raw sincerity that reveals a depth of emotion/passion/and other things all mingled together. The song is 100% original and gets the attention right off. The very same can be said about the great performer who is singing the tune.


This video is just one of the many videos that do show off Sawyer Fredericks immense talent. He is one of the top 20 of the top voices battling it out for a win at The Voice. He is a very promising young talent on the rise with a career that will only go upwards with time. He also has the distinction of being one of the most watched, as well as, the most popular of all the singers who have appeared on the voice and was a teenager. Do watch this video and learn for yourself why Sawyer Fredericks is outstanding as a singer and songwriter. This young man is truly gifted and blessed with a special talent that is all his own. He may definitely win The Voice and be the new next “Voice” for 2015! Please do share this video link in Facebook with all those you know and who love The Voice!