In a surprising discovery, officials recently stumbled upon a hidden “man cave” tucked away in a small storage space beneath New York’s bustling Grand Central Terminal. This clandestine room, equipped with all the comforts of a cozy hangout spot, was built and frequented by three railroad employees seeking a retreat from their daily routines.

The secret hideaway, complete with a flat-screen TV, microwave, futon, and a refrigerator stocked with beer and snacks, was meticulously constructed by an electrician, carpenter, and wireman employed at the terminal. During their shifts, these enterprising individuals would sneak away to the hidden room, indulging in relaxation, refreshments, and entertainment. It’s hard to argue against the appeal of such a retreat during a busy workday!

However, their covert activities were eventually exposed after an anonymous tip reached the authorities. Despite their claims of innocence and ignorance about the existence of the room, the evidence was too compelling to overlook. As a result, the three men were suspended from their jobs without pay, granting them an unexpected increase in their leisure time. While they may have been enjoying their secret haven, not everyone is thrilled about taxpayer-funded employees finding time for personal indulgence

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