Security Camera Catches Dog Sneaking Into Hospital. Now Watch Where She Goes.. Unbelievable!!

For those who still don’t believe that dogs are very intelligent animals, this video will surely prove them wrong. It is about a dog who missed her owner and had to do all she could in order to be with her. Sissy, a dog of the miniature schnauzer breed, is a pet for the Cedar Rapids family. When Nancy was operated because of cancer, she was admitted at Mercy Medical Center to recover. Since Sissy missed her very much, she decided to walk for more than 13 blocks, which is approximately two miles to the hospital where her owner was.

It was the surveillance camera that caught the Sissy sniffing at the hospital’s entrance. The security guard was able to obtain the information that was on the tag hanging at her neck and used it to contact Dale, Nancy’s husband. Dale said that Sissy would have made it to the room where Nancy was had it not been that she was a little bit confused on which elevator to take.

When days passed by and she never saw her owner at home, Sissy decided to pay her a visit. Sarah, the daughter of Nancy and Dale said that Sissy had simply missed her mother. She was finally allowed to go and meet Nancy.

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