Pumbaa had been struggling on the streets for about a year when Hope for Paws was made aware of his presence. Some anxious neighbors saw the big dog wandering around and feared for its safety. At least someone cares enough to do the right thing for a Pumbaa.

As the Hope for Paw video highlights, Pumbaa is immediately spotted by two women from the organization who have been sent to rescue him. He was lying in his usual place in front of his old house. The women brought a cage in the hope that they could capture her and bring her back to their shelter.

They started putting food in the cage. Of course, the dog must have been starving, having lived on the streets for over a year at this point. It was, and the food was a good temptation. But Pumbaa was not so easy.

While stalking the food left in the cage, Pumbaa kept his hind legs outside the cage. This gave him ample opportunity to escape, if necessary. The cage was also too small to comfortably accommodate a Pumba.

Pumbaa runs away from the women when they try to approach him. Even though they were giving candy from their hands, Bamba could see that someone had a leash and ran across the street to avoid it.

The women knew they had to try another tactic if they wanted to convince Bomba to trust them. Someone crossed the street where Pumbaa was sitting and gave him more treats. This time, Pumbaa couldn’t help it. He devoured the food and the woman was able to grab his necklace.

The dog was immediately taken to the hospital for evaluation and was very excited with all the attention he was getting. He has been alone with little human contact for over a year and you can tell he loves all pets.

Eventually, Pumbaa was moved to a foster family who had other dogs to play with. He also received a lot of human love. He seems to be grateful for the attention of his foster family.

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