Stray Dog Leads Her Rescuers To Her Homeless Friend So She Can Get Help Too


If you’re still unconvinced that animals can have a selfless heart like many humans, this particular story will have you thinking again. In this gone viral story, a stray dog from Hout Bay Harbour in Cape Town does one of the sweetest, most thoughtful things when rescuers come to save her! Let’s just say she doesn’t leave her best friend behind.

Upon the arrival of a South African rescue group called Sidewalk Specials, they came to the scene of the elderly, stray dog they were wishing to pick up. The dog was the sister of a previous canine named Kettle that the group had already rescued and rehomed.

Right away, the rescuers gave the stray some food to gain her trust. Rather than launching into the arms of her rescuers, the pup refused to be saved. Instead, she led the rescue group behind a car where another homeless dog was present. The sweet girl refused to give in to her own rescue until the group agreed to also help her doggie best friend. How sweet!

It was clear that her pal needed help just as much as she did. Her timid friend was covered in ticks and, not to mention, was shivering from the colder, soon-to-be-stormy weather.

Although resources were scarce, and the rescue team didn’t have a forever home in place for either canine, they rescued not just one dog that day but two. Especially with the poor weather, the volunteers at Sidewalk Specials didn’t have the heart to leave the dogs to fend for themselves.

Once rescued and rehomed together, the dogs were named Grace-Kelly “Gracie” and Hope.

Source: A Post / Metaspoon