Adelsionir and Mariani adopted a 9-year-old dog named Chiquita, and it didn’t take long for her to find her place in this world. They have a counter in Blumenau, Brazil, and Chiquita is the newest and best operator at the bus station.

Instead of leaving Chiquita at home all day while they’re at work, they decide to bring her with them and give her a job!

The dog is watching the customers and looks cute while doing it! And it makes everyone’s days brighter.

“She loves standing at the service desk, [watching] passengers in line,” the Adelicioner said on Facebook.

“Only animals love us, regardless of our appearance, social class, occupation, or where we live,” Adelicioner continued. “None of this matters to them. All they want is to feel loved the same way they love them: unconditionally.

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