A Simple Trick To Draw A 3D Object. Check It Out!


This video shows how one can draw any object in 3D. The drawn objects look as if they are coming out of the paper. This is a simple but wonderful technique. As you watch the clip, the demonstration guides one on how to do. The moment I saw his clip, I membered the children immediately. This idea should be taken to schools so that children can make good use of it. It will also help to nature the talents of some children.

The illustrator tells one to find a paper, a ruler and a pencil. You first draw the object you want to appear tin 3D. You then make straight lines but you ensure you do not touch the object. This is clearly shown in the video. As much as we always think this activity is meant for children, I think it’s also a way of relaxing for and adults. Especially after a long stressful day. I am damn sure this activity will help one to relax.

What is your opinion concerning this idea? According to me I consider it wonderful.

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