This was when Army Lt. Col. Robert Risdon was at Taco Bell having dinner as a child. One of the 13 and another of the 9 entered the restaurant trying to raise money for the church by selling homemade food. Upon closer inspection, Army Lt. Col. Risdon realized they had wet clothes on. When asked if they had anything to eat for dinner, they said no.

Jason Gibson, a Taco Bell customer, was so moved by Army Lt. Col. Risdon’s act that he decided to film the whole thing and then posted it on Facebook, along with a message saying : “I was at Taco Bell tonight when two of the kids came over to try selling homemade candy for cash.

“I heard a soldier ask the children if they were hungry and tell them to follow him to the table, he would offer them dinner. I had to photograph him and share him. Our troops still care about us. Thank you LTC Robert Risdon , please share this … I heard the little boy say I want to be like you Just when I grow up and say hello.

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