Step By Step Guideline On How To Make A Sumptuous Apple Swan

When it comes to preparing and presenting dessert to your guests that you really want to impress, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and of course, a little help from this guy.

Instead of just serving whole fruits or cutting them into small boring pieces, this guy explains to you how you can make some incredible apple swans out of your basket of apples. All you need are the apples of course, a cutting knife and two butter knives. With these in place, it’s time to get down to chopping!!

It is simply a matter of following the steps in the tutorial if may call it so, as it clearly shows exactly how you need to slice the apples, the exact sizes and shapes. Don’t throw away the seeds; you will need them later on when you want to complete the look on your apple swan. With a little practice, you can perfect the art and dinner will never be the same again. Please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook and spread the creativity.