Stray German Shepherd Saves Struggling Woman Trapped Under Car

Often, it’s humans who save the lives of animals. Not only do many of us choose to adopt animals or take them in from the streets, but we also save animals when we feed strays around town or call a wildlife rescue center when we come across a struggling bird with a broken wing, for example.

However, there are times where animals save us as well, figuratively and literally. Figuratively, our pets can “save” us by filling the missing pieces of our hearts as they enter our lives and bring us happiness daily. On a literal level, there are many stories where animals physically save the lives of humans who are hurt or in danger.

One good example of an animal saving a human’s life is in one viral story where a stray German shepherd helps a nearly-dead woman, Shannon Lorio, out from under a vehicle after a serious accident.

Fortunately, a nurse told Lorio that she would be expected to make a full recovery. She then asked the nurse about the dog. However, she didn’t understand what she was talking about. Not long later, Lorio’s husband popped in and explained that the German shepherd who saved her life was taken to the Humane Society.

After recovering over the course of a few days and heading back home, Lorio decided to call the Humane Society and ask about the German shepherd. She was told that the dog was already adopted by a search and rescue trainer. The shepherd was named Hero, a perfectly fitting name.

Although Lorio was not able to see the canine again or adopt him for herself, it’s clear that he made a big impact on her life and was there for her at the exact moment she needed him.

Watch the video below to hear more about the German shepherd saving Shannon’s life. It’s definitely a story to remember!

Source: MetaSpoon