A Stray Mother Dog is Rescued From Terrible Conditions By Strangers Along With Her Puppies

Stray animals frequently live in just awful conditions, which can be particularly terrible for stray dogs who have puppies. The mother dog in this video was far too skittish to accept help from the human strangers who were trying to get her and her puppies to a safe place.

Her puppies were found in a nearby abandoned house, which was so unsafe that the kindly strangers struggled on entry. Sadly, out of the group of puppies that the mother dog had, some of the puppies were deceased. The mother dog wouldn’t even go with the rescue workers because she was trying to protect even her deceased puppies, demonstrating the depth of how much she cared for them. The rest of the dogs were saved, but the story has a bittersweet ending.


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WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7

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