Anand Raman was visiting his sister at work on a hot day in Dubai when he saw a dog trying to keep cool in the shade under a parked car. The little puppy came running up to him on legs that weren’t quite straight, but the dog was very happy and wagging its tail. Anand fell in love with him right away and sat there fondling him for a while.

Driving the dog back to his car, the dog slept on his shoulder as he drove to the vet. The poor guy was tired but satisfied. At the hospital, they learned that the dog had rickets in both legs due to malnutrition. But it is a treatable condition and will not have permanent effects.

Anand was then able to bring the dog home, so he took a bath. And he couldn’t believe it when the pigeons revealed the dog was pure white! It was very dirty in the streets. Snowy owes its name to the dog of the “Adventures of Tintin”.

The guy wanted nothing more than to keep the dog and make him feel at home, but it was difficult at first. For a small dog who had spent all his life in the street, Snowy did not really know how to behave or what to do inside the house. And when they went for a walk, the dog was terrified of being left there again.

But Snowy finally came and understood that he was going nowhere! He has found love and his home forever, and he can leave his past behind forever.

“He sleeps and waits for us to come home from work, which is when he fills us with love and we return the favor. He gets along incredibly well with all the dogs he meets and behaves. great with kids and guests. ”Anand told Dodo.

What an amazing rescue story h/t The Dodo

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