Strong Women, Inspired by Wild Horses

Seeing the world differently: women behind the lens of the camera have just discovered their true power and potential observing the life of wild horses. Taking pictures of the Idaho herd, building a meaningful relationship with the horses has helped the women discover more about their power than anything else before.

Elissa Kline never felt comfortable behind the camera until one of her friends convinced her to go out in the wild and help her take pictures for her next book. She never looked back since. She discovered that in today’s modern world, there is no value assigned to wildness, and controlling the living environment limits our existence.

The aim of the women is to show the beauty behind running wild, living free, and having a real connection with nature. They started printing life-size images on canvas, to bring the wilderness closer to the audience. They wanted to show what is wrong with today’s civilization through the pictures. For them, the most beautiful thing is seeing a creature being in the wild, without limits, control, and rules.

Wild horses are now facing extinction, and it is up to all inhabitants of the world, especially humans to help them survive by protecting their living environment. The message sent out through the photographs is clear: embrace and love beauty in nature, instead of destroying it.
Strong Women Wild Horses