Last year, 33-year-old Jesse Whitten and his wife adopted a baby girl. Normally, that wouldn’t have made the headlines. But it was a very special dependence.

Jesse works with the Santa Rosa Police Department in California and meets all kinds of people while on patrol. One day he met a drug addicted homeless woman who had nowhere to go, and she was pregnant.

Later, Jesse took his wife Ashley with him to meet the woman. Both offered to take the woman to a drug rehabilitation center. It was then that the woman realized that the couple were very loving and caring. That’s when she asked them if they would adopt her unborn child. The couple had three more daughters in the house and had to think a lot.

On February 9, she gave birth to a baby girl named Harlow. Hospital officials asked her if she wanted to put her baby in a nursing home, but she refused. Instead, I asked them to call agent Witten and his wife. So they did. On August 30, the Wittens became the official parents of young Harlow.

Said Ashley: Harlow’s mother imagined “this good life for her daughter and because of her condition she could not give her that.” But because of her interactions with Jesse through the police department, she knew she could trust him.

And this confidence will see Harlow throughout his life.

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