Jordan Dinsmore, a university student, had always heard her mother’s warning to never be alone in case of potential danger. Little did she know that her mother’s advice would save her life.

It was just an ordinary day for Jordan, who had finished work in the morning and was headed back to her house in Columbia, South Carolina. But what happened next was nothing short of a Hollywood movie scene. Three men approached her and snatched her purse and phone. They even attempted to steal her car, but were unable to operate the stick shift. Frustrated, they pointed a gun at her and forced her to get into the car and drive them to an ATM nearby.

At this point, Jordan’s mind was racing, but she remained calm and composed. It was then that she remembered her mother’s advice and knew that she needed to stay alive to tell the tale. She knew that she couldn’t be alone, so she decided to engage the kidnappers in conversation. She asked them about their lives and showed interest in what they were saying. This not only distracted them but also made them feel like they had a connection with her.

When they arrived at the ATM, they forced Jordan to withdraw money from her account. But instead of trying to run away or fight back, she continued to talk to them and even shared some personal information about herself. This humanized her in the eyes of the kidnappers and made them less likely to harm her.

After what felt like an eternity, Jordan finally saw an opportunity to escape when the kidnappers were distracted. She quickly jumped out of the car and ran towards a nearby house, where she was able to call for help.

Jordan’s quick thinking and her ability to remember her mother’s advice helped her to escape from what could have been a deadly situation. Her story serves as a reminder to all of us to always be aware of our surroundings and to never let our guard down, especially in unfamiliar or potentially dangerous situations. It also shows the power of human connection and how it can sometimes make all the difference in a life-or-death situation.

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