Students Play a Potentially Scary But Ultimately Hilarious Prank on Their Teacher

Playing pranks on the teacher is often considered a rite of passage for some students. Many people have fond memories of all dropping their textbooks at the same time for the sake of startling their teachers. Pranks involving individual students are easy to punish. Most teachers aren’t going to punish the entire class, which is what makes these particular pranks so effective in the first place. The students in this video take it to the next level.

They all pretend to drop dead on the floor of the classroom at the exact same time. One of them managed to record the whole experience from the back, which gives the video something of an awkward angle. However, it doesn’t make the video or the teacher’s surprised reaction any less entertaining. Many people all over Facebook would love this video, and they might wish that they had tried something like this when they were in school.

Lorne Allen