Capturing a treasured family moment, a heartwarming video unfolds with AJ, Will, and Henry Joe, each playing their part in a surprise that will forever be etched in their memories. The scene opens with AJ’s playful remark, “Let’s check it out. Huh,” as she feigns confusion, setting the stage for an unexpected discovery.

With assistance from Will, Henry Joe retrieves a letter from inside a bottle, his curiosity piqued. Suspecting a prank, the trio eagerly unwraps the message, AJ maintaining an air of unfamiliarity with the bottle. As the words unfold before their eyes, Will presents the letter to Henry Joe, aiding him in the process of deciphering its contents.

The sheer joy that envelops Henry Joe’s face is truly unparalleled. Overwhelmed by the proposition, his astonishment is evident as his mouth hangs open in disbelief. Will, radiating with pride, eagerly awaits Henry Joe’s response, knowing the significance of this heartfelt request. The ensuing scene transcends words—a sight that must be witnessed firsthand through the accompanying video

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