Teasing a Baby Before It’s Born

A lot of YouTube videos have been skilled at capturing some of the finer points of the pregnancy experience, including a lot of the things that are definitely left out of the books. For instance, how does the fetus respond to brief, random noises? A book on this subject might be able to provide a general answer, but it takes a video of an actual pregnant woman to really bring the experience to life.


In this video, the father annoys the fetus with random fart noises. The mother has her abdomen centered on screen and we can’t see her face even though we can see his. Her reactions are more than enough to make it clear what’s going on internally, even though we can’t actually see anything. These are the sorts of little things that happen over the course of those nine months that no one mentions, and it’s good to actually see them portrayed. These are the sort of pregnancy moments that people love on Facebook.

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