The bride, returning to the stage, begins to swing again with her groom. He accepts it with love. When they turn around and start facing the scene, she gets the surprise of her life.

She screams at the acknowledgment of wishes and jumps back, obviously shocked and delighted. When she joins her husband, her eyes light up and fill with tears when she realizes that the Wills are at the reception to sing to her. Finding out that her husband was responsible, she hugged him and tears of joy fell uncontrollably.

If you’re anything like us, these kind of amazing surprises make you feel totally. Thoughtful planning and effort gives you a strong sense of the love a groom has for his new bride. Appreciation of him is shown as she looks at him lovingly.

Once the song is over, the bride and groom meet the wills. We’re told he’ll be back to sing more of his songs throughout the evening. Certainly, there is no greater gift for a married couple. What is the best? The couple now have a baby! How nice! This love is truly meant to be.

Melissa Baker and Brad Hewitt were married on March 12, 2016 at the Old Courthouse in downtown Cleveland. Supposedly the happiest day of this bride’s life. She and her husband have already taken their wedding vows in front of their closest friends and family.

They are about to take part in the first traditional dance during their lavish wedding ceremony.

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