The Nine Girls Sing “Amazing Grace” and Their Performance Has Over 60 Million Views

A stunning song show appeared on YouTube a few years ago that caught the attention of all nine girls.

Surrounded by natural hugs and a beautiful atmosphere, they performed their world famous hit “Amazing Grace”, and their video broke many records on the web.

The nine-member vocal group BYU Noteworth posted a great song on their channel a few years ago, during which the girls sang Amazing Grace. This is a gospel song written by John Newton around 1772. Today, the song is performed by many famous singers and bands, and many of the performances have become online hits. The performance of BYU’s vocal group is also noteworthy.

BYU Noteworthy,Youtube

To date, their videos have garnered over 60 million views on YouTube, and the world’s leading commentators have praised her for her excellent singing.

Listen to BYU’s 1772 hit “Amazing Grace” Will the girls impress you with their art?