The arena was alive with the infectious beats of Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” and the staff of Whitmer High couldn’t resist breaking out some serious dance moves. The atmosphere was electric, and even the resource officers couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. The dance mob that formed was a sight to behold, and the presence of two lively mascots added an extra layer of entertainment.

Everyone watching, both those on the floor dancing and those in the audience, couldn’t help but revel in the joyous moment. Smiles were everywhere, and it was evident that they were all having the time of their lives.

As the show reached its climax, one daring teacher decided to take it to the next level by performing an unexpected worm dance, leaving the students in awe. The room was filled with amazement as the teacher skillfully executed the breakdance move, resembling a snake’s wave-like earthworm motion. It was a delightful surprise that none of the students saw coming.

According to the video description, Katie Peters, an author and teacher at Whitmer High School, was the mastermind behind organizing this spectacular show. These inspiring events showcase a side of teachers that students might not often see—their ability to have fun and connect with their students outside of the classroom

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