Hilarious Picture Of His Cat Doing Pull Ups On The Tree


In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, pets across the world suddenly have to get used to having their human companions in their space all day, every day. While most of them are extremely happy about their loving owners staying at home to cuddle and feed them, others seem less than thrilled.

Recently, a Reddit user Rick1771 posted a photo of his cat, Biter, hanging (or doing pull-ups?) on a tree. The photo quickly went viral and collected 115.000 upvotes in just 3 days. This unusual moment was captured as Rick looked out the window to look for his cat after noticing she had disappeared.

The cat seemed fed up with social distancing, so she decided to spend some time alone in a pretty dramatic way. As seeing this image, we think that the cat Biter embodies everything we feel for 2020 so far. “Hang in there,” fellow quarantineers!

According to her owner, she fell very elegantly right after this, but thankfully, she’s completely fine. Rick then posted a photo of Biter to show she’s safe and sound. However, the cat seems to be unhappy about being back, she wants to go out and enjoys her time.

Source: Bored Panda/ pawsplanet