Though This Is Not the Most Amazing Audition, It May Just Be the Funniest Moment!

When a man climbed on top of an Interstate bridge to jump to his death, two officers came to his rescue in a big way. In this video, you will hear about the two female officers who tirelessly worked to ensure this man did not end his life. As you watch this news story, you will become deeply affected when you hear what some drivers were yelling at this poor man as he wrestled with ending his life. Just as the two officers had encouraged the man to come down, drivers chanted to encourage the man to jump!


What has happened to humanity that life no longer matters? This video will deeply touch your heart and may make you more aware of those who are close to you and what they may be struggling with. It is important we all do our part to help one another when it is needed. Thankfully, this man lived and was given the help he needed! If this story touches your heart, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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