Patricia Drauch was tending to her garden on a beautiful sunny day, reports CBS Detroit. She says she had her 14-month-old son, Stanley, by her side. While working, she said she realized she needed a tool in the garage.

She grabbed her son’s hand and the two headed for the garage. Patricia quickly climbed inside to pick up the item, leaving Stanley outside. When I came out, Stanley was gone.

There aren’t many places he could have walked in such a short time. Patricia searched every corner of their property but couldn’t find it.

Then it crossed his mind. He had to walk around the pool. She ran as fast as she could to see if her instincts were correct. Frightened, she saw her 14-month-old baby floating in the middle of the pool.

She saw Stanley partially submerged in the pool water. From where she was standing, she first thought her son was floating, according to CBS Detroit. But then she realized that her lips were blue from the lack of oxygen. She must have been stunned, knowing her baby was in danger. But then she realized something else.

There seemed to be an object under Stanley, keeping him afloat. She took another look and realized it was a black Labrador, bear. The family has had a bear since the children were born. Teach him to treat children as if they were his own. He was set up to take care of them at a very young age.

Bear must have seen Stanley fall into the pool and acted quickly. He dove into the water and went under it. Position yourself so that the child is lying on his back.

He stood still, making sure that Stanley wouldn’t fall into the water again. It was instinctive for him to do this so as not to fill his lungs with water. Patricia told an outlet it looked like he was too scared to move.

“[Bear] is not going to move in the pool,” Patricia Drauch told WOOD-TV. “He didn’t bark. He didn’t move. It was like he was scared to move until I pulled Stanley out of the pool, and that’s when [ Bear] came out of the pool with me.”

She rushed into the water to retrieve her little one and called 911. After a while with no answer, she decided to take him to the nearest fire station. She grabbed all her kids, put them all in the car, and drove as fast as she could. One of her other boys said she was a little over the speed limit, but that’s to be expected.

During the flight, I noticed that Stanley was starting to spit out some extra water. She was grateful that he was responsive.

After arriving at the fire station, Stanley is taken to the hospital where he can receive better help. X-rays were taken of his lungs and thankfully no water entered them, WOOD-TV reported. No serious injuries were found in the crash. Her family was very relieved and grateful to hear the good news.

The Drauch family is very grateful and grateful for Bear’s quick thinking and action. His heroic act saved Stanley’s life and they will never forget him.

Although things went well, we still had to be careful. Children love to go out on their own and explore their surroundings. They can move very quickly and be out of sight in seconds. Parents should always know where their children are at all times.

After Stanley arrived home, the parents said they decided to erect a masonry fence to prevent anyone from falling into the pool.

The bear is a very brave dog. He knew a loved one was in trouble and he did exactly what was needed to help. This family is lucky to have a dog as loving and caring as him.

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